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In Sweden, the electricity market is divided into four price areas to better regulate electricity prices. These areas are as follows: Luleå (SE1): Northern parts of Sweden, including Luleå and Norrbotten. Sundsvall (SE2): Central parts of Sweden, including Sundsvall, Gävle, and Dalarna. Stockholm (SE3): The Stockholm metropolitan area and surrounding regions, including Stockholm, Uppsala, and Gotland. Malmö (SE4): Southern parts of Sweden, including Malmö, Skåne, and Blekinge.

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In addition to the price differences between the regions, you should also be aware that the electricity price can change over time. It is therefore advisable to check the electricity prices regularly to find the cheapest hours to use electricity.​

By taking a little time to research the electricity prices in your area, you can save a lot of money on your electricity bill!​​

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